Youth & Political Protests

Bringing youth concerns during political protests to the international level

Led by

The Millennials Movement, in cooperation with other youth organizations


National (Colombia); International (United Nations)

Stakeholders targeted

  • Youth-led organizations
  • United Nations entities, e.g. the Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

Youth rights in focus

  • Right to participation, with a focus on civic engagement
  • Right to freedom of opinion or expression
  • Right to freedom of peaceful assembly

Main objectives

  • To identify the main issues facing young people in Colombia in the context of protests, and convey them to key UN stakeholders

Key outcomes

30 young people from Colombia shared their views and concerns through a series of youth hearings, contributing to a summary compilation shared with youth representatives at the UN

Success factors

Providing a safe space for young people to express themselves freely, while giving the opportunity to all participants to contribute


  • Lack of information about how to address human rights violations for youth
  • Lack of knowledge and integration of human rights by youth affected by different types of human rights violations
  • Limitations of online-only events; reaching young people without internet access

Lessons learned

  • Providing a safe space is critical
  • Follow-up and continuity
  • It is important to have capacity building on the options available to submit information on human rights concerns or violations for youth


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