Success Stories

African Climate Mobility Initiative (ACMI)

Led by

ACMI, UNICEF, Migration Youth and Children Platform, Greenwall Foundation, Bosch Foundation


Regional (Africa)

Stakeholders targeted

African youth, especially those from vulnerable backgrounds

Youth rights in focus

  • Right to clean, healthy and sustainable environment
  • Right to seek asylum
  • Right to decent work

Main objectives

  • To enable African youth to design solutions to climate
    mobility, with a focus on green skills
  • To empower African youth to engage with climate
    policy-making, with a focus on capacity-building for the
  • Conference of the Parties (COP), a key UN conference on
    climate change

Key outcomes

  • 8-9 youth finalists presented their proposals at the COP27
  • Connected platform for youth collaboration across Africa
  • Recognition of the intersections between different youth

Success factors

  • Strong public- and private-sector partners, including
    institutional support
  • Inclusive and meaningful youth engagement
  • Science-policy apparatus
  • Prevalence of climate mobility vis-a-vis youth rights
  • Prior experience of the Migration Youth and Children
  • Platform with the Youth Innovation Award


Resource constraints among youth constituencies, and lobbying partners to provide resources to address the gap

Lessons learned

  • The importance of a collaborative process
  • Bridging the gap between science, policy and advocacy
  • The intersection of different youth rights


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