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Peacebuilding Resources

Where can I learn about peacebuilding?

If you are interested in the topic of peacebuilding and want to learn more about youth engagement in peace-related activities, you can start at the Youth, Peace and Security website, which compiles key resources on the topic.

There are also many educational resources and training courses available online or in-person, for example:

  • The Youth and Peacebuilding course developed by UNITAR targets young people aged between 15 and 30 from conflict-affected countries or countries in special situations, that are already working, or interested in working with others in the fields of peacebuilding and political decision-making. It enables learners to better understand the current situation of youth in complex contexts, their needs, challenges and potential, and to explore possible entry points for young people’s involvement in peacebuilding activities and strategies.The course is held entirely online and open for everyone.
  • The Youth Peace and Security primer is a training course that can be taken online, it is self-paced, and only takes a few hours to complete. It provides the basic notions of YPS and[TF1] it’s great training for those with little knowledge on the agenda.
  • UNSCR 2250 & Beyond: A Youth Toolkit, created by UNOY Peacebuilders provides an overview of useful documents and ideas to help better understand the importance and content of the UNSC Resolution 2250.
  • The Youth4Peace Training Toolkit developed by UNOY Peacebuilders to guide youth trainers and educators in the field of peacebuilding through the concepts and practice of delivering educational activities on conflict transformation, peacebuilding, and the creation of peaceful narratives.
  • The Conflict Series – the course developed by UNITAR consisting of 3 series: 1.What is conflict?, 2.Conflict analysis and 3.From conflict to peace. This is an open, self-paced course meant to provide an introduction to conflict studies and more advanced courses in conflictology.
  • Young Peacebuilders is a peace education initiative of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations designed to provide young people with skills that can enhance their ability to positively contribute to peace and security and to preventing violent conflict. The course is held annually in a particular region, and the participants are selected for the course on the basis of applications.
  • Explore Your Changemaker Potential – an Edapp free microlearning course developed by UNITAR to help learners to find their personal angle to creating positive change in the world.
  • UNHCR Youth Peacebuilding Toolkit and UNHCR Youth Peacebuilding Manual designed as a guide for training refugee youth and host community youth in peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Funding For Youth-led Peacebuilding

What funding opportunities are there for youth-led peacebuilding initiatives?