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Step 5: Develop Messaging

Now that you know your objectives, how you want to achieve them, and who you will target to work towards human rights change, it’s time to work on your advocacy messages.


Develop your advocacy messages

These messages will be the key points you want to get across to the different partners and stakeholders you target and interact with, but also to a wider target audience if you have one, to get your message out there and to build support. Some things to consider:

  • Ensure your messages are brief and easily understandable
  • Who is the target audience, and how can you appeal to them? Think about how to convey your message to the different audiences you are addressing. For example, you will most likely use different language when you are speaking to policy-makers or decision-makers, and when you are communicating about your work on social media. If you do not have much experience in developing advocacy messages for different audiences, do not be afraid to ask your closest partners for help.

Step 6: Refine

As you implement your activities or initiatives, be mindful of what seems to be working well and what you could still adapt or improve to achieve your goals.