Books not Bullets

An initiative under ‘Silencing the Guns in Africa'

Led by

GIZ African Union Office, Office of the African Union Youth Envoy


National (South Sudan)

Stakeholders targeted

Young people from South Sudan

Youth rights in focus

Right to education for young people living in refugee camps

Main objectives

Ending the use of guns by improving access to education, as the majority of young people in refugee camps could not access education

Key outcomes

More young people from refugee camps were admitted to education, avoiding the possible radicalization of youth

Success factors

Partnerships and collaboration with different stakeholders


Lack of understanding of content-wide campaigns (such as Silencing the Guns) for the majority of citizens who do not have access to information about such campaigns, their target audience, etc.

Lessons learned

Partnerships are critical to promote human rights work and to gather support for achieving targets and goals


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