What Rights Do Young People Have?

As human rights are universal, meaning that everyone is equally entitled to their rights, young people possess the same rights as everybody else regardless of age.

Young people who belong to groups that have been historically marginalized and face multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination such as youth with disabilities and young women are often protected from discrimination on the basis of their gender, disability or other status. More information on specific groups that have been recognized under international human rights law is available in Section C of the present toolkit. The toolkit focuses on rights that are of particular relevance to youth in the transition from childhood to adulthood. However, you can find more information on all the different human rights that exist and apply to everyone, including youth at the UN Human Rights website.

Right to Education

Education is both a human right in itself and an ‘empowerment right’ or stepping stone to realizing other human rights.

Freedom of thought

Everyone has the right to freedom of thought on all matters.

Freedom of opinion

The right to freedom of opinion or expression includes a number of elements.