Teenage Mother Schooling Resumption

Online petition to allow teenage mothers to resume schooling

Led by

Petrider Paul, youth activist


National (Tanzania)

Stakeholders targeted

Former President of the United Republic of Tanzania

Youth rights in focus

Right to education for young women, and teenage mothers in particular

Main objectives

To allow teenage mothers to return to education, reversing an earlier decree

Key outcomes

Support for the online petition with over 100,000 signature, resulting in a government decision to allow teenage mothers to access education in 2020 through alternative education pathways

Success factors

  • Use of online petition platform that is free and easily accessible
  • Social media platforms as an advocacy tool
  • International support from human rights defenders


Intimidation, particularly from people suggesting it was possible to be silenced or detained for opposing a Presidential decree

Lessons learned

  • Youth advocates / young human rights defenders need protection mechanisms to ensure that they are safe and secure while advocating for human rights
  • Avoid confrontational styles or approaches, particularly when communicating about human rights issues or work


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